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Art Direction

As an Art Director, I utilize all my skills and wrap it in my aesthetic: design, communication, organization, narrative, technical know-how, management, and even copywriting. 

Art Direction


Quality retouching relies on the art of being unnoticeable. I've spent over twenty years trying to make sure people don't notice my work.

How to marry beauty with utility? It's a magic dance that is part of the ineffable hunt for graphic harmony. It's hard to put your
finger on it but you know it when it works.

This is the delicious candy of working in the graphic arts. You get to create something out of nothing using your understanding of the subject and an estimation of what attracts an audience. 



Copywriting inhabits an area equal parts prose, poetry, accountancy and carnival barker. The trick is to know when to favor prose over carnival barker, accountancy
over poetry. And remain authentic.


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K.S. Haddock 

San Francisco


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