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I come from a long line of Haddock musicians — I'm distantly related to Sam Phillips and Spooner Oldham. I started playing guitar at 15, and while I never became Eddie Van Halen, I've been a rock star in my head ever since.

The Gravel Spreaders was the brainchild of my longtime musical collaborator, Tom Beyer. How can you go wrong with bluegrass versions of hair metal songs? He asked me, "Didn't you used to play mandolin?" So I dusted off my mandolin and joined the band.

I formed Crooked Family for the original production of Thanatics, a Rock Opera. After we won a Best of Fringe award for the SF Fringe Festival, I continued to use them for my subsequent Fringe victories, Hell, the Musical and Hitler in the Green Room

The Plays

Three by K.S. Haddock.

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