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Currently seeking representation.

Imagine My Surprise!
(or The Keenan Harris Tapes)

A drug dealer is murdered and gets reincarnated into a little baby boy in suburbia. Revenge will have to wait as he grows up with dysfunctional millennial parents in Silicon Valley.


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Imagine My Surprise! is the audio transcription of a boy claiming he is the reincarnation of a murdered drug dealer from San Francisco. He gives a detailed account of how he was born fully conscious into the squirming body of an infant named Keenan, the offspring of a hapless millennial couple from Campbell, California. He decides to conceal his previous identity and bide his time in a confounding suburban culture until he's old enough to track down his killers. He also tells the lurid tale of how he went from struggling artist to drug boss, from drug addiction to his tragic downfall. Finally, with the help of a homeless man, Keenan confronts his killers in the violent conclusion. 

Part surreal coming-of-age memoir, part crime novel, Imagine My Surprise! is a comic, dark commentary on childhood in the 21st century and the banal destruction of substance use.

Praise for Imagine My Surprise!


"Imagine My Surprise! is a novel that will make you laugh, wonder and break your heart. It's a kind of Look Who's Talking meets Pulp Fiction written with the finely-tuned style of a virtuoso novelist."


Wes Brown — Editor, Writer, Professor of Literature

Breaking Kayfabe: A Novel, published by Bluemoose in May 2023

"Imagine My Surprise! is hard to put down, and it entertainingly pushes the crime genre to new possibilities. Mr. Haddock has written an edgy morality tale, a surreal existential crime novel that fuses comedy and tragedy in a surprisingly delightful way."


Jeffrey Weissman — Writer, Actor, Director

Previous work: more about The Patricidal Bedside Companion

In 1994, St. Martin's Press published my novel, The Patricidal Bedside Companion, on the wave of Gen-X Literature that was sweeping the nation. It was a fun 15 minutes.

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