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Imagine My Surprise!
(or The Keenan Harris Tapes)

Coming of age story about a reincarnated drug dealer who seeks to confront his own killers. First, he has to survive suburbia. 


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In the year 2069, a small, old-fashioned digital recorder is found in the attic of a house in Los Gatos, California. They find a recording of a curious story told by a seven-year-old boy named Keenan Harris. He narrates a wild tale about his previous life as a drug dealer, and how he was reincarnated fully conscious into the newborn infant of a dysfunctional millennial couple. Finally, at age five, he recruits a homeless man to help bring his killers to justice. Imagine My Surprise! (or The Keenan Harris Tapes) is the edited transcription of this electrifying story.

Imagine My Surprise! is a surreal confessional by seven-year-old Keenan Harris, the reincarnation of a drug dealer from San Francisco. Murdered by his henchmen, he is reborn fully conscious as a little boy in suburbia. Keenan recounts not only the lurid exploits of his former life, but also his journey from birth to age seven, as he plots the eventual confrontation with his killers. Along the way, he learns more about himself than he ever knew in his past life. 

Part coming-of-age memoir, part crime novel, Imagine My Surprise! is a darkly comic meditation on childhood in the 21st century and the banal destruction of substance abuse.

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Don't have time to read? Listen to the first 100 pages! Actor Chris Zegri is excellent as 7-year-old Keenan Harris in this darkly humorous, compelling portrayal.

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