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My combination of tech start-up founder experience, consumer marketing chops, advertising work and psychology training informs all my strategy sessions.

Chicago Store Opening TV Ad


:30 sec 

Like many of our Cost Plus World Market store openings, our objective was to convey the exotic discovery involved with every visit to World Market. This was our campaign for Chicogo.

Chicago Store Opening Bus Stop Ad
TimeShaker Museum Collateral
TimeShaker Museum Collateral

The key vertical TimeShaker pursued was community museums. Our time-based data platform was ideal for these businesses. Presenting TimeShaker as an affordable, turn-key instant museum site solution, four museums adopted the TimeShaker platform: Museum of the San Ramon Valley, The Niles Film Museum, Spirit of the Old West and the Blackhawk Auto Museum.

TimeShaker Program Management
TimeShaker Program Management

The TimeShaker platform could be used for many verticals. After working with the City of San Ramon on Capital Improvements, we realized that most municipalities lacked a cohesive solution for managing capital improvements. This was our campaign to attract municipal customers.

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