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In 2019, my aggregate experience of photo editing, post-production team management, and creative direction led to an Art Director position in the famed Industrial Light & Magic Art Department (LucasFilm). I led a small team of digital artists in the Image Unit, recreating the CG and other FX on the unit photography from Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, as well as archival Star Wars Saga unit photography. We also prepared hi-res poses of spaceships, planets, creatures and light sabers. Our handiwork can be seen in magazines, fan book compilations, toy and cereal boxes, billboards and bus stops.  

Art Direction

Star Wars ep 9 Vanity Fair Spread - After ILM work
Stripped down Annie Liebowitz photo


My second day on the job I was tasked with taking out the set pieces and adding light sabers to this Vanity Fair photo spread by Annie Liebowitz, who was invited down to the set.


Then this came along. Who wouldn't want to pretty-up an Adam Driver image? I consulted about the image look and painted the helmet cracks back in.

Mando Unit Photo Season 2
EW cover

I helped the Disney-EW team lift this unit photo from its original unit photo into magazine cover glory.

Ahsoka in The Mandolorian
Unit photo of Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka

Nothing more nerve-wracking than recreating the look of LucasFilm's Dave Filoni's most prized creation, Ahsoka, in hi-res. So you finesse the saber-look and skin color and cross your fingers. Dave approved. 

Ahsoka image as seen on The Playlist

You have to be flexible. The Empire Magazine team came to us for help, and we obliged them with these images for the collector's issue covers for the (then) upcoming Episode 9 movie event.

Empire Magazine Cover w Kylo
Empire Cover Spreads

Unit Photos

Just a taste of what we do. 

Ep 4 Unit Photo with new FX
Episode 4 Original Unit Photo
Raw Elements for Unit Photo

We had the honor of replacing the the old visual effects on the unit stills from episodes 1, 4, 5, and 6. It was mind blowing and humbling to be able to update these images for the Star Wars archive. We worked with the legendary John Knoll to fine tune our new look. 

You learn a lot about making a saber in this job. It's complicated. Also, star fields (outside the emperor's window) are a particular thing. Actually, everything is particular when ILM is involved.

Episode 6 with new FX
Episode 6 Unit Photo
Ice Speeder

Mandalorian, Season 1: Thing is, you have to figure out how to make the effects in Photoshop. CG applications are too low resolution for print, which is why Image Unit exists. And CG artists by-and-large don't know Photoshop. Who knew? 

Ice Speeder on Stagecraft Volume Set
Sith Troopers and Cannon

Star Wars - Rise of Skywalker -- Two things: it's hard to make a muzzle blast from scratch. Also, it's cool to know that J.J. Abrams approved your image.

Unit Photo Before
Kylo vs. Knights of Ren
Unit photo before

This ensemble wide shot never happened in the movie. But it feels like it did. So you get a few raw images from a set photographer and then you get a movie clip to match it to. That's it. This shot involved four unit photos and a lot of huddling with the CG Supe.

CG Special Poses

Just a note: the Image Unit did not create these images, but we decide the camera angle, add the engine glows and shadows, sculpt the lighting and pop the color. We make them good for public consumption. But it's fun as heck to be a part of it.

Po's X-wing
Blocade Runner
Rey's Skiff
Land Skiff
iut1030_1004_tripod_v1.1 copy.jpg
Ochi's Ship
Sith Jumper
Star Destroyer Command
Baby Yoda in the Pram
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